Like New HONDA 4 in 1 Versamow HRX217K6HYA Hydrostatic Lawn Mower

Purchased new in March 2022, used less than ten times, primarily in the front yard. (The current retail price is $1,100 plus tax.)

Quiet 200cc Honda engine, 21-inch Nexite deck, hydrostatic self-propelled cruise control transmission (no belt), blade stop (blade brake clutch) like commercial mowers, powerful rear wheel drive that’s great for hills. It handles perfectly, you can set the speed to be as slow or fast as you want, the blade stop allows you to pick up or move objects while the mower is still running, speed control, engine RPM speed control, and you can set it to idle while doing something else. It was well worth the money, and I no longer have to worry about drive belts.

I cannot maintain my yard without the help of a lawn service.

The top-of-the-line residential mower is the HRX217K6HYA. The Honda HRX217HYA is the best premium 21′′ lawnmower in our showroom, according to The Mower Shop, because of its distinctive Cruise Control and Roto-Stop Blade Stop System. The Mower Shop’s extensive inventory of parts and accessories makes maintenance of this mower a breeze. This model remains our most popular Honda lawnmower for homeowners looking for dependability, ease of use, and long-lasting durability.

With easy starting engines, incredibly flexible self propel systems, unrivaled cut quality, and most importantly durable components throughout the design, the Honda HRX217 Series transforms homeowners’ mowing experience. While other brands frequently use Honda engines, the HRX217 Series is a true work of art created by Honda engineers. Honda’s Premium Residential Mowers, which were updated in 2019, are powered by powerful GCV200 engines. These engines were created specifically for the HRX217 Series. The MicroCut Twin Blade Cutting System inside the Nexite cutting decks is powered by easy-to-start, dependable engines. MicroCut Twin Blades provide four cutting surfaces with each offset blade rotation. The Nexite deck is designed to turn grass clippings into extremely fine mulch.

Aside from performance, the HRX-Series is built with long-lasting components at the wheels, transmission system, and handles.

The HRX217K6HYA is in a class of its own, providing the best package in the HRX217 Series. You can use Cruise Control to set a constant ground speed for a comfortable pace across your lawn. The controls are ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. You can use the Roto-Stop Blade Stop System to stop the blade without turning off the engine. This feature relieves strain on both the engine and the operator. Without restarting the engine, you can safely pause mowing to clean up debris or remove the grass bag.

Price: $ 850

About the product

Engine: Honda GCV200
Model Number: HRX217K6HYA

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Name: Jackie
Phone: (903) 920-4475

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