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John Deere x585 hydro 4×4 mower tractor

Selling a brand new John Deere x585 tractor with a 54″ mower deck, 54″ snow plow, and various features. Includes new front tires, power flow bag systems, and MC519 cart. Only selling because I bought a larger tractor. Lowered the price to sell.

Here are some of the main features of the John Deere X585:

– Engine: The X585 has a liquid-cooled, V-twin, gasoline engine that displaces 745 cc and produces 25 hp at 3600 rpm. It has a cast iron cylinder liner, overhead valves, full pressure lubrication, and a spin-on oil filter. It has a torque of 36.1 lb-ft at 2000 rpm.

– Transmission: The X585 has a Tuff Torq K92 hydrostatic transmission that provides infinite forward and reverse speeds. It has a foot pedal control, a cruise control, and a differential lock. The maximum forward speed is 8.5 mph, and the maximum reverse speed is 5 mph.

– Four-wheel drive: The X585 has a selectable four-wheel drive system that can be engaged or disengaged by a lever on the dash. It has a mechanical rear differential lock that can be activated by a pedal on the floor. The four-wheel drive system improves traction and stability on uneven terrain and slippery conditions.

– Power steering: The X585 has a hydraulic power steering system that makes steering easier and more responsive. It has a tilt-adjustable steering wheel and a wet disc brake system that provides smooth and effective braking.

– Operator station: The X585 has an open operator station that offers a comfortable and ergonomic seat, a digital instrument panel, a 12-volt outlet, a cup holder, and a storage compartment. It also has optional hard or soft weather enclosures and a heater for cold weather operation.

– Capacity: The X585 has a fuel tank capacity of 6.5 gal, a front axle capacity of 4.5 qts, and a hydraulic system capacity of 6.2 gpm. It has a rear hitch type 0 or 1-limited, and a rear lift capacity of 450 lbs. It has a rear PTO that can operate at 540 rpm, and a mid PTO that can power the mower deck or other attachments.

– Dimensions and tires: The X585 has a wheelbase of 55.7 inches, a length of 75 inches, a width of 55.7 inches, and a height of 49.5 inches. It has a weight of 955 lbs, and a turning radius of 28 inches. It has front tires that measure 18×8.5-10, and rear tires that measure 26×12-12.

– Attachments: The X585 can be fitted with various attachments, such as a 48-inch, 54-inch, or 62-inch mid-mount mower deck, a 47-inch or 54-inch snowblower, a 54-inch blade, or a 45 loader. These attachments can be easily attached and detached using the quick-hitch system. The attachments can be controlled by the dual hydraulic valves and levers on the tractor.

Price: $ 6800

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Model Number: x585

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Name: Smith
Phone: (434) 607-5569

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