John Deere JS46 Self Propelled Lawn Mower for Sale

Looking for a reliable John Deere lawnmower in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition? Check out this self-propelled option with rear wheel drive and a 22″ cut, complete with a brand new blade and the convenient “One Touch” height adjustment feature. Equipped with a powerful Honda GCV engine and fresh maintenance including a new air filter, spark plug, and oil change, this lawnmower is ready to get the job done right away. Don’t miss out on the chance to show off this top-performing machine!

The John Deere JS46 is a walk-behind lawn mower that is powered by a Honda GCV engine. Here are some of the features and specifications of the mower and its engine:

Engine: The Honda GCV160 engine is a 4-stroke, overhead cam (OHC), single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 160cc.

Power: The engine can produce up to 6 horsepower (HP) and 7.1 lb-ft of torque.

Cutting width: The mower has a cutting width of 22 inches, which is suitable for medium to large-sized lawns.

Cutting height: The cutting height can be adjusted to six different positions between 1.25 and 4 inches, allowing you to customize the height of your lawn.

Blade: The mower uses a single blade that is made of steel and has a diameter of 21 inches.

Grass collection: The mower comes with a rear bagger that can hold up to 6.5 bushels of grass clippings. It can also be used without the bagger as a side discharge or mulching mower.

Drive system: The mower is self-propelled, with a variable-speed drive system that allows you to adjust the speed of the mower to your walking pace.

Wheels: The mower has 8-inch front wheels and 9-inch rear wheels, which provide good traction and stability on uneven terrain.

Weight: The mower weighs approximately 88 pounds, which makes it relatively easy to maneuver.

Price: $ 340

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Model Number: JS46

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Name: Tiffany
Phone: (336) 710-7472

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