John Deere 212 Tractor Riding Mower with Mower Deck

Used John Deere 212 Tractor Riding Mower with Mower Deck for sale. Reliable 12hp engine from original john Deere Kohler. It is a genuine John Deere tractor / mower. If people say: “they don’t make them the way they used to,”-that’s the way they used to make them! It is likely between 35 and 40 years old but still in perfect condition. Just serviced, washed, finished, new bench, new battery, it quickly starts and runs fantastically! Tires are in fantastic shape, deck is great, blades are razor sharp. It runs smoothly, and neatly slices. That was a project in the winter. All was tested and any problems were resolved and fully disassembled. This tractor / riding mower is much better built than others

Price: $ 1100

About the product

Engine: Kohler 476cc 1-cyl gasoline
Power: 12 hp
Size: ,

About the seller

Name: Rogelio Dutton
Phone: 330-958-2840

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