Husqvarna 46″ Mulching Kits for Sale

Husqvarna 46 “tractor mulching kits. Two 22-3/4” blades. Deck cover, hardware and brand fresh instructions. Will fit together with other craftsman, Poulan Pro, etc. See image for blade mount style (star). Get prepared to mow in the spring.

HUSQVARNA MULCHING KIT FOR SALE 1024x768 Husqvarna 46 Mulching Kits for Sale

All tractors from Husqvarna are fitted with premium bagging / discharge blades from hi-lift. To transform tractors into mulching units, the mulch kit is needed.

HUSQVARNA MULCHING KIT 1024x768 Husqvarna 46 Mulching Kits for Sale

Consists of 1) a mulch plate, 2) mulching blade set, and 3) equipment for mounting. Mulching kit provides mulching function to your lawn tractor. Mulching is a natural way to fertilize and return nutrients to your lawn with small grass clippings manufactured Kit involves mulching plate, set of mulching blades and mounting hardware Genuine initial manufacturer component.

Price: $ 20

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