Honda HR 214 SX Self-propelled Lawn Mower for Sale

This self-propelled mower is produced by Honda-a well-known and rebuilt brand. It will make your mowing a lot simpler, and with the collector bucket, you can sweep the leaves of your yard while you cut the grass. The ‘quick start’ label means just that-it’s quick. It has two different speeds. The speed can also be changed with the throttle. With all these two speed changes, you can cut the grass at a walking rate that’s easy for you! The catcher basket can be easily connected and disconnected for easy cleaning. They can be used as mulch, placed into your composite pile, fed to animals or dumped. This used mower has a powerful engine and it’s quick to operate! The price of the bid is very fair.

Price: $ 75

About the product

Model Number: HR 214 SX

About the seller

Name: Paunee
Phone: (520) 870-1538

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