Craftsman R-1000 30 inch riding lawn mower for sale

Craftsman R-1000..Over $1800.00 new. A single-blade cutting deck with variable speeds allows you to easily tackle small or large acreages. When maneuvering around trees, fences, shrubs, or other lawn obstacles, the 18″ turning radius allows for a close cut. When the job is finished, the deck wash system makes cleaning grass clippings and debris from under the deck a breeze. Mulching systems, with little effort, make quick work of those leaves.

30″ A single-blade cutting deck provides a wide cutting swath without adding bulk.
For longer life and durability, the 420cc engine is designed with full-pressure lubrication and spin-on oil.
18 “The narrow turning radius makes it simple to mow around poles, fences, and shrubbery.
To power through the task, 6 variable speeds with a top speed of 5 mph are available.
Shift-on-the-Go transmission makes shifting quick and easy.
Fuel capacity of up to 1.5 gal. allows for less frequent refueling.

Price: $ 1200

About the product

Model Number: R-1000

About the seller

Name: J.W
Phone: (208) 906-3770

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