Craftsman LT1000 38-inch riding lawn mower for sale

This 38-inch riding mower is exceptionally clean and has undergone maintenance, including blade sharpening, oil changing, and a new carburetor and filters. It is currently in good working condition and can be used for mowing immediately. I am not aware of any issues with the mower, and it should function well for several years. However, like most 1-cylinder engine mowers, it may not run as smoothly as a twin-cylinder engine. If you prefer a completely smooth-running mower, you may want to consider upgrading to a twin-cylinder model. The mower is in great condition, ready to use, and offered at a firm price that is unlikely to be negotiated.

Price: $ 850

About the product

Model Number: LT1000

About the seller

Name: Lonie
Phone: (251) 401-6878

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