Craftsman 24321 100lb Pull Behind Spreader for sale

Preowned Craftsman Pull Behind Spreader for sale comes with a spare tire and tube.

Spread As a Pro Grow your dream lawn with the help of this cost effective Craftsman 100 lb broadcast spreader. This attachment, designed to fit any lawn tractor rear hitch, evenly distributes fertilizer, seed, granular lime or sand over your lawn while riding your mower. Spreading outwards in a circular motion up to 12′ in diameter, instead of spreading by hand, you will cover a larger area of land. This spreader is able to support up to 100lbs of materials and comes with rubber turf tread wheels to roll smoothly over your uneven or bumpy terrain.

Price: $ 75

About the product

Model Number: 24321
Finish: Black
Capacity: 100 lbs.

About the seller

Address: Hunterhill Dr near Pine Grove
Phone: (770) 309-6592

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