Black & Decker MM875 19″ Electric Lawn Mower for Sale

Black & Decker MM875 19″ mulching mower for sale

Black & Decker Electric mower for the lawn. Lawn Hog, 19″mulching mower. Works fantastic, in nice condition. Has a good shape rear pocket. MM875 I no longer need it, we came with artificial turf. With a one-touch cut-height adjuster and a cushioned-grip handle, this mower is light and simple to use. The Black & Decker Lawn Hog has a 100-foot cord supplying its 12-amp engine with electric energy, which is more potent than some of the battery-powered mowers in our assessment. It primarily mulches and bags grass, but if you buy an optional chute, it can be side-discharged.

The MM875 is intended for smaller than average yards where there are not many barriers that can be caught on the rope. An urban or small suburban yard is perfect, but when using an extension cord, you can use the mower on larger lawns. The MM875 is just 52 pounds, making it with a 19-inch deck by far the lightest mower. This combination of being lightweight but having a broad cutting route makes the MM875 simple to use and this mower is intended to decrease the quantity of time and energy you spend on mowing.

This electric lawn mower from Black & Decker is made of a durable polymer material. The deck of the mower does not have a battery to house, resulting in a lower overall weight. Because after two or three years of use, a battery is susceptible to wear out, this corded mower will save you cash when you never need to purchase an costly substitute battery.

Price: $ 60

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Model Number: MM875
Finish: Black on Orange

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Name: Dale
Phone: (602) 550-5465

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