Allis Chalmers AC130 42″ Lawn Mower

Allis Chalmers Riding Mower AC130 42 Inch 20 Hp mower for sale. With many suppliers, we studied a lot of brands, prices, specs, etc. We decided on this one because the horsepower price and characteristics we were looking for were outstanding. We’re not deceived. We paid more for a similar mower 5 years ago and it didn’t have this one’s good sharp turns. I enjoy the 4 wheel steering mower Allis Chalmers! The 20 hp engine is smooth, quiet and gives all the energy that anybody needs. Unit is also a good mower for mulching (I ordered the optional kit for mulching).

It takes a lot of getting used to the 4 wheel steering. I discovered that you won’t have any difficulty if you slow down before you begin executing a turn. You can cut nearly as close to trees, walls, flower beds, etc. as you can with a Zero turn mower when you get the hang of this beast. This AC Lawn Tractor is an equipment that is very well designed. Beautiful engineering. Great for the cash mower. Has a steel hood, hydro trans, cruise control, fun running, doing a good mowing job. It was on the unit with Mulching Blades.

Price: $ 800

About the product

Power: 20 hp
Model Number: AC130

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Phone: (443) 944-7272

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