84″ National Triplex Mower for Sale

The National Triplex 84″ Mower works and performs well to upgrade to a bigger mower and does not need this one electric start with a box complete of parts / tools for the mower requesting $600 or best offers.

These mowers are very easy to use. It’s all belt drive. They do an excellent mowing job if they are correctly used and maintained. They need regular adjustment as with any mower and involve regular sharpening to preserve a relief in the reel blades as well as the bed knife to cut effectively. They’re also not going to cut down weeds like buckhorn and dandielions or 4-5 “heavy grass. Keeping this in mind you should be very pleased with their results.

Price: $ 600

About the product

Power: 16 hp
Model Number: Triplex

About the seller

Name: Joe S. Schaefer
Phone: (530) 715-0040

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