2022 eXmark Quest 50” Residential Zero Turn Mower for Sale

Up for sale is a nice Exmark Quest zero turn mower of 2022 with two sets of blades.

The 2022 Exmark Quest is a zero-turn mower that offers several features and specifications, including:

50″ cutting deck that provides a wide mowing swath for efficient mowing
22 horsepower Kohler engine that delivers reliable and powerful performance.

Electric PTO (Power Take-Off) that allows for quick and easy engagement of the cutting blades.

Electric parking brake that makes it convenient to stop and start the mower on slopes and hilly terrain.

Comfortable seat and ergonomic controls that reduce operator fatigue during extended use.

Dual hydrostatic transmission that provides smooth and effortless control of the mower’s speed and direction.

High-back seat with armrests that offers additional support and comfort to the operator.

2 sets of blades that enable efficient and precise cutting of grass and other vegetation.

Overall, the Exmark Quest is a durable and versatile mower that is designed to provide an exceptional mowing experience for both residential and commercial users.

Price: $ 3800

About the product

Power: 22 hp
Model Number: Quest
Year: 2022

About the seller

Name: Richard
Phone: 317-414-3679

Contact the seller

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