2014 Husqvarna YTH22V46 Riding Mower

Very nice Husqvarna lawn tractor from 2014. Push the pedal to go forward, harder to go faster, and back up to operate the transmission. Shifting does not require the use of any hands. Turn the key to mow in reverse, and you’ll be able to mow both forward and backwards.

The mowing deck was used with a vacuum trailer, the blades and spindles are virtually brand new. Because the vacuum trailer has its own engine, it does not rely on the blades to pull the leaves.

I put it through its paces by cutting some grass as a test, and it works flawlessly. $795, will deliver up to 15 miles for $50. Will accept trade-ins, whether they are running or not.

Price: $ 795

About the product

Power: 22 hp
Model Number: YTH22V46
Year: 2014

About the seller

Name: Dennis
Phone: (941) 421-9649

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